Nature Spectacular

by Sophie Brown

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as the saying goes but for me the beauty of nature can never be disputed. It is the purest, most elevating and important part of our universe. It breathes life into our lungs, provides solace from our man made structures of misery and is a place where communities can flourish.  To walk through a field of ravishing poppies or to pick an apple from a tree in a public garden or play football with your child in the park are all experiences we wouldn't have if there were no open spaces left in our cities.  Yet this is unfortunately something which is a distinct possibility.

Too often these spaces are sold to private developers, wanting to construct obtrusive and ugly homes or buildings, with no regard for local communities. Enough is enough. The most spectacular meadows in Liverpool are being sold to Redrow, an example of what is happening all over this country and around the world.  These meadows are the most magnificent example of nature, upon entering them on an autumn day it truly feels magical, the light is spectacular. It is a retreat from the daily scrutinies of life, a beautiful haven that is vital for the overall ecological health of the ecosystem of our city. It shows complete ignorance from certain politicians who decide that these spaces are not so important. They are VITAL.  

It is so important that communities join together and fight the systematic destruction of our open spaces. Do we want our future generation's lives to be without that priceless feeling of running free in a park and enjoying the simplest pleasure of life, just being in nature. 

If you want to help the cause in Sefton Park, is the place to go and offer support. There are always local community groups fighting to save green spaces and they need our help so please lets all join together in this fight! 

Four ways to make Monday morning more bearable..

by Sophie Brown


Smile and the world smiles with you goes the saying and from my own experience it really is true. Even if you feel like running out the fire exit and sprinting down the road away from the shackles of your 9-5,  just turn it around and get those pearly whites on show.  Positivity can be hard at times but it is infectious so if you flash someone a smile who may be having a similar Monday it can only help elevate everyone's mood. Plus, doesn't everyone just look so much more attractive when they smile, it may even get you a date and what better way is there to start a week than that! 


Take a leaf out of Cameron Diaz's book (literally) and start the day by chugging a litre of water after you have brushed your teeth. This kick starts our digestion for the day and improves our emotional outlook. Water keeps all of our vital organs working and aids digestion so we do not feel sluggish. Monday morning equals me being very slug like so I try to drink as much water in the morning and throughout the day to keep me focused and positive. There are endless positives to keeping yourself hydrated and even though tea or coffee may be more of a comfort, try and swap these drinks for water. It will work a treat I promise. 


Nicole Sherzinger's new tune Your Love, is like happy pills condensed into a 3 minute musical treat. I guarantee you will be jiving around, trying to copy her tribal hip gyrations the minute you hear it. Wait for a moment when your workplace is empty or just find an empty room and let loose and dance around to this song, channelling the spirit of Fat Monica in Friends when she dances round with her doughnuts (google fat Monica dancing giff if you are not sure.)  It will make you feel so joyous and alive plus it will be a much needed movement for your body if you are sedentary all day long, sitting at a desk like me. That is my excuse anyway! 


If all else fails, this is when I enter day dream territory. I pretend I have won the lottery over the weekend and start filling my on-line shopping basket with over the top expensive clothes and shoes, pretending I need a new wardrobe for my upcoming trip to St. Barts. As sad and unproductive as this may seem, it is actually very fun. Just remember to snap out of it before you get to the check out, going overdrawn is not the way to make Monday more full of cheer! 

In Love..

by Sophie Brown

I came across this spread on Alexa Chung for Lucky magazine today and fell in love with the pared back, minimal showcase of her beauty.  The oaty, cool tones and unfussy styling present are so reminiscent of 90's minimalist fashion photography, definitely one of my favourite eras. 


The colour of the week is....Hermes Orange

by Sophie Brown

Name me a few brash colours and bright orange is likely to be up there on the list. It is not a colour I usually employ in day to day life but there is just something about the shade that is Hermes Orange that makes me feel giddy and decadent. It makes me want to throw a rivers worth of paint of this shade onto my walls and dip all of my accessories into a big cauldron of  Hermes orange varnish. I see it as a neutral colour as it tunes in with pretty much any other shade. Paired with something indigo or cobalt, it conjures a Mediterranean holiday vibe. Teamed with black it results in a sophisticate style straight from the banks of the River Seine.  It reeks of sophistication and style and I want it.

My crush on this colour was reignited when I saw the most recent Vogue Paris cover, with Sophie Marceau standing nonchalantly in a pair of black panties in front of an Hermes orange coloured background. She really suited that background, not to sound too clichéd but it really made the cover pop and was a cool contrast to the safe covers Vogue UK have been turning out recently. 

For me, accents of this colour make the most impact. They look real classy as accessories, case in point being the actual Hermes bags in Hermes orange. Accents in the home look really beautiful. Lamps, phones, boxes or frames are great small snippets of a fun, illuminating colour and never look too try hard.

On the catwalks for SS14, you could see juicy splashes of Hermes orange at Tibi, Mulberry, John Galliano and Givenchy to name a few. The beauty stratosphere has also been in love with a bright, bold orange lip recently, making a nice change from the red and plum shade lips that were ever present over winter.  

For me, it is a colour that encapsulates a fun but sophisticated mood and adds a dollop of deliciousness to any occasion. I am not quite at a level yet to purchase a Hermes bag but I will certainly be trying a bright orange lip. 


Liverpool Art Deco Loveliness

by Sophie Brown

After seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel, I have become a bit obsessed with Art Deco and had to take a photo of this amazing scene I came across in Liverpool by the Pier Head. I knew there was an Art Deco building around there but had never noticed the amazing turquoise booth and street lights before. Glorious.