Aveeno to the Rescue!

by Sophie Brown

I have read many times on numerous beauty blogs about adapting your skincare routine to the seasons but I have never found I needed to until the end of this summer. As quickly as the weather turned and the dark nights came creeping back in, my skin erupted into sore, red, itchy patches, especially on my legs. It was literally an overnight change.

To remedy this, I used oil based shower gels and Nivea moisturising shower cream in the shower then moisturised afterwards with a gentle almond oil moisturiser but it didn't end the tingly, irritated feeling that was working itself around my body. I felt like everything I used, no matter how gentle, was rubbing my skin up the wrong way. I researched the subject and found a few product recommendations.  The first products I came across were Aveeno, they were recommended numerous times on beauty sites so I thought I would give them a go. I ended up going for the Aveeno Bath & Shower Oil  and the Skin Relief Lotion . I'm pleased to say even though they were the first products I tried, they couldn't have worked better! 

The bath and shower oil first of all smells so delicious, a bit like cereal due to its Oatmeal content, which doesn't sound too sexy but it is surprisingly appealing trust me.  It has an oily consistency when you squeeze it out which then turns milky on contact with water. It didn't irritate my skin, no horrible red patches, and it felt so gentle. It was great for shaving too as the milky colour highlights hairs on your leg, enabling you to shave effectively. No more accidental hairy patches, phew. You could easily just use this and no moisturiser afterwards and feel your skin had been moisturised and soothed. 

Afterwards I tried the Lotion, this again was so gentle on my skin. It didn't result in any red patches which usually happens with moisturiser and it dried really quickly which is perfect in the winter when it's too cold to have to wait around for cream to dry. My skin overall felt so soothed and happy after using these products and I cant wait to try more of the range. The range is all fragrance and paraben free, specially formulated with naturally active ingredients which is a major bonus also. Finally a cure to my angry, red skin.