Night Cream Trials

by Sophie Brown

 I have often bought into the expensive night cream trend, thinking that the more cash I spent the more miraculous my face would look the next .morning. Unfortunately I never found them to deliver much so I decided to start experimenting with cheaper brands . I first tried Nivea Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream as it was on sale in my local chemist and knew it was a trusted brand. After only a few nights of using it I was hooked!

First of all, it smells scrumptious, a really fresh, light scent. It took me back to holidays as a child when Nivea cream was on tap, soothing all of our burns from the beach. It's very cooling and soothing on contact with the skin due to the aloe vera and you don't need much at all to ensure coverage of your whole face. There are no colourants, mineral oils or silicones in the cream which makes it perfect for sensitive skin like mine and for anyone who is conscious of what chemicals are in their products. I definitely noticed a difference in my skin in the morning when using this, it felt softer, almost glowing. It's not greasy either which is great for your pillow sheets and also for spot prone skin. I have not had nearly as many break outs on my chin since using this. For such a reasonable price this cream has become an essential part of my night time routine, highly recommend to people with all skin types.