Pot o' Magic

by Sophie Brown

This product isn't new to the shelves but I thought in case anyone had not heard of it or its launch had passed them by, I would bring it to their attention because it is marvellous. I first tried it as a sample that I got free when I bought another Clinique product. I didn't really expect much from it as I am a bit cynical towards products that promise drastic change but I gave it a go, patting it onto my skin before night cream a few nights in a row. After about 2 weeks of using it every night I felt a real change in my skin, especially on my forehead and the skin between my eyes where I can often get frown lines.  I could see a reduction in the horizontal lines that sometimes came to surface on my forehead, ones that show up when your skin is a bit dehydrated. My skin felt smoother also and generally in better shape. I have suffered great skin damage over the years, trying to tan my fair, English skin, and this product is ideal to combat this kind of UV damage and wrinkle appearance. Highly recommended!