Topshop Nails

by Sophie Brown

Today I am wearing a Topshop nail polish called Crystal Clouds which I just love. I mostly keep it classic with my nails, using Rouge Noir by Chanel as it goes with pretty much anything I wear and is such a classic colour but if I'm feeling like a change I will usually always go for a metallic colour instead as they are quite neutral and add a nice shine to your talons. Topshop are great for fun colour nail polishes and always have such a diverse range of colour and finishes in stock. They are usually only around 6 quid which is such good value considering how great they are and the best part is they dry so quickly! I can usually get on with business around ten minutes after applying plus the brush is brilliant, you can easily keep within the lines and not get rubbish splodges on your fingers. It's definitely the best range of nail polishes I have tried, the only criticism I have is that they don't do a great range of classic colours, you cant really ever find a dark rouge noir-esque colour which is a shame.