The only Chanel I can afford..

by Sophie Brown

 I love crazy nail art. Like mini bow ties on tips or little faces with diamonds for eyes on each finger or even long, pointy Morticia nails, even though I don't know how people manage to eat their sandwiches with those dangling down.  For me though, I like to keep it classic and there's nothing more classic than 18 Rouge Noir by Chanel. It is the classic neutral dark red, I challenge you to find an outfit it doesn't complement day or night. When I wear this I feel like a true sophisticate, that people will follow my instructions without question when I gesticulate with my glossy talons. It is pricey at £18 per bottle but it adds such a polish to any outfit, bringing a hint of old school glamour. You can also prop the little Chanel bag it comes in in the corner of your room and pretend to yourself that have bought a piece of Chanel jewellery, thats what I do.