To bang or not to bang, this is the question

by Sophie Brown

This weekend I have a hair appointment, a long overdue one I may add. The ends of my hair have begun to resemble shards of old rope hanging from a battered ol' schooner and this needs to be remedied at once. Plus, I am a little bored by the style. For the past 15 years (or probably just all my life) I have always just gone for a trim, not too much off the ends and maybe a little shape at the front. This has always resulted in a pleasant, girl next door style apart from a few occasions we wont speak of, when hairdressers went a bit silly with their scissors. This time I have decided a change is gonna come, I am going to request bangs. 

This is a major decision in any girls' life, bangs are not just something you just decide to go for whilst eating your Chicken Supreme during Don't Tell the Bride. Oh no, it takes much thought and contemplation and also planning. When you ask for a fringe, depending on the hairdresser, you may often just get a straight chop of the front parts of your barnet which doesn't always look too super. This happened to a friend of mine, she requested a Freja Baha fringe and ended up actually getting more of a Haribo boy style one instead, although I couldn't confirm this as she pinned it up immediately and never showed anyone. You need to direct them in the fringe direction you are going for. I love fringes that start further back from your head with lots of volume at the crown, 60's style, and this is what I will be telling my hairdresser. I may even take a picture for reference like the ones below. Also, who knew Jane Asher had such great bangs back in the day. I just knew her for her cakes. 

 Fingers crossed this will all work out OK.  If it does end up ravishing and 60's starlet-esque I will post a picture. If it doesn't, I will be heading straight to Asda for a years supply of kirby grips.