Sleek Haul

by Sophie Brown

 I have always been a real lover of beauty blogs and online tutorials, finding them strangely soothing to watch but most importantly informative and a great place to discover new brands and products.  A make up brand I recently discovered through this medium is Sleek Makeup. The Pixiwoo girls often use their products in their tutorials and after checking out the pretty cheap prices I thought yes, I might just give them a go! (I am increasingly using this site as an excuse to buy products on a weekly basis and as a result bankrupting myself, please someone send me them for free instead!) 

I went for the blush in Rose Gold, the lip palette in Tease, Full Fat Lash Mascara and the lip pencil in Bare Essential, Here are my mini reviews on each one...


Blush in Rose Gold

 At first glance this reminded me of Orgasm by Nars, that lovely shimmery coral pink colour. Being so relatively cheap compared to brands like Nars I didn't expect this to be so great but I really loved it. How I love being proved wrong! It is highly pigmented so you only need a few sweeps and the colour is a lot warmer when applied to the skin, not as saccharine pink as it appears in the compact. I have very fair skin and it gave me a healthy, natural looking pop of colour, it didn't look fake or too much like some other blushers. I think that it would look just as pretty on darker skin tones too as it is such a healthy looking pink.  Another plus point is the mirror in the compact which is great for applying the blush and perfect to keep in handbags. For 4.49 it's a total bargain! 


Lip Palette in Tease

I had high hopes for this palette after I was so impressed with the blush and especially as the colours looked so lush and vibrant but alas I was pretty disappointed. When I applied the pinker colours, they felt like children's lipsticks. The colour smudged really easily and they just didn't suit my skin tone which is not Sleek's fault of course but was still a bit of a bummer.  They might be better for when I tan.  I didn't like the pinks but the more berry colours were rich and glossy and would look great for a festive glamour look. I think the colours on this palette are suited to a more olivey skin tone. I liked the mixture of gloss and matt and again the packaging and mirror are great but overall I just wasn't that impressed with the consistency and texture. 


Lip Pencil in Bare Essential 

When someone mentions the word Lip Pencil, I think of shrivelled lips and/or Kat Slater. I relate it to people who are trying to make their lips look bigger so have never really looked into purchasing one until a friend of mine recommended it. I went for Bare Essential as it looked like a nude/natural colour. The pencil goes on so well, like a soft waxy texture and the colour is so natural you can barely see it. It made my lips look fuller without an obvious line and gave them a really subtle nude colour which was a great base for a rosey/nude lip gloss. I used it more on the outline of my lips but filled the rest of my lips in with it too and it felt great.  I am a total lip pencil convert! 

Full Fat Lash Mascara

I needed a mascara to bulk up my lashes after using These are Real by Benefit, which is great for lengthening and defining lashes but I like a bit of  chunky bulk to my lashes so I thought I'd see what this was like. It is fabulous! It has a long wand with a ball at the tip so it lengthens and defines your whole lash line but you can use the ball to fatten up the lashes as you go. It doesn't need more than a couple of strokes to get a great lash effect so I give it a big thumbs up! 


Overall I would definitely recommend this brand as the products are so reasonably priced and I was impressed with the overall quality of the products I tried. They impressed me more than many expensive brands so I would give them a go and experiment with products you may never have considered before as the prices are not going to break the bank, perk up your January with a few new treats!