Bring on the Lemons

by Sophie Brown

As a part of living healthier in the year of 2014 I have been acting as a keen little sponge for any information related to inner body harmony on blogs, sites and magazines. To start with I wanted to get some sort of morning routine down to kick start my day. I've always read about the benefits of drinking warm water with lemon in the morning so I am this week embarking on a strict regime of downing a pint of it every day. This is going to be challenging as I am known to be a bit of sleep addict, staying in bed until the very last moment which results in me grabbing a piece of dry bread just so I just about have the energy to flag down a bus. This is very bad I know so I feel if I commit myself to this lemon and water routine it might get my ass out of bed in time to boil a kettle. 

The benefits of lemon and water are numerous. First off, it helps digestion as it flushes out all the nasty, unwanted materials and toxins in the body, loosening them in our digestive tract. This is so important as it basically keeps our body running efficiently and staves off nasty indigestion symptoms such as heartburn, bloating and constipation. 

Secondly, lemons are full of wonderful minerals and vitamins which boost our immune system. My immune system is puny, I have a permanent cold all year round so I need all the help I can get. They are specifically high in Vitamin C which is great for fighting colds and they also reduce the amount of phlegm produced by our bodies which is good news for people who have got tissues constantly attached to their nose throughout winter ( I am one of those people).

In regards to looking good, as we are all into a bit of vanity aren't we, the vitamin C in lemons help decrease wrinkles and the dreaded acne as its alkaline content kills the known types of bacteria that cause skin blemishes. If you don't fancy doing what I'm doing you can actually just apply lemon directly to acne scars  to help reduce their appearance but I think the notion of making ourselves more radiant from within just sounds lovely so I will be consuming my lemons. 

The benefit that probably appeals to me most is that lemons are meant to be a total mood booster and get you pumped for the day! It's scent has magical energizing properties, just think of how a fresh Lemon scent can you make you feel invigorated. This is all meant to be reduce anxiety levels too which is just another bonus. I think lemons may just be my new best friend. 

These are just a few of the benefits of lemons, the list is literally endless to what it can do for our body so I am excited to see what it does for me and my body. I will post after one week of doing it to let you all know how it goes!