New Find Alert!

by Sophie Brown

I think I have done the impossible and found a wonder product that has yet to be reviewed or discovered by any of the gazillions of beauty bloggers out there. I found this little treat on a trip to my local health store Abaca, and popped it in my basket as I have been reading wonderful things about rose extracts. It's called Hydra-Vital Hyaluronan Facial Spray and is meant to be used before make up and at night after cleansing and also after make up to set it for the day.  It smells amazing, like you have been dropped into a rose garden in the South of France and after one spritz your skin feels tingly and revitalized.  I used it after moisturising in the morning, using a few spritzes and patted it in gently with my fingers. I did the usual gloop of make up on my hand and started brushing it in and I noticed that I only needed half the amount of foundation I usually use as my skin was so hydrated and the product went a lot further.  To touch, my skin felt so hydrated and soft, like butter.

Hyaluronan is a molecule that keeps moisture in the skin and keeps natural collagen in your skin hydrated (no need for any wrinkle fillers!) and this combined with the rose extract, Aloe Juice and various vitamins made it feel like my skin had been given an organic smoothie.  If you peek at the ingredients in this and compare it to other products on your shelf you will be shocked to see how many you can recognise in comparison to the incomprehensible chemical solutions you usually see. It's packed full of nature's finest ingredients!

 It makes your products work at their best because it prepares the skin and enables it to function at it's optimum levels which makes your make up look more natural and enables your creams to absorb better.  I would definitely recommend this as an addition to your beauty routine as it is a gorgeous pick me up, could be used as perfume and makes your skin feel brand new. So many uses! 

p.s. It's not tested on animals either, which makes my soul happy.