Who knew..

by Sophie Brown

On a shopping trip with my lovely mother on Saturday, we popped into M&S to have a look at home things and I discovered, to my amazement, a skincare hall like no other in Liverpool (apart from maybe Harvey Nics). Who knew M&S stocked so many amazing skincare brands such as Nuxe, Ren, Bliss and loads of other interesting looking lines. I had to be dragged away at one point as the overwhelming amount of choice was making me slightly manic. I wanted EVERYTHING from Ren and was excited to see lots of products that I only ever find online, right in front of me on a shelf. I sound really easily pleased don't I but it was quite a treat! I ended up just going for the Ren Clear Calm clarifying cleanser as I have been having breakouts since I went on a healthy living kick and this has been recommended by lots of people in the know. I am sure I will be back there next pay day but I recommend paying it a visit if you are after some new skincare or fancy experimenting with new brands.