New Goodies

by Sophie Brown

I treated myself to a few new, naughty make up treats this week. I use the word naughty as really I should be saving for something sensible like a new kitchen floor but I just couldn't resist.  I blame Lily Pebbles and Vivianna does Make up. The way they light their blogs with Diptyque candles makes everything look so irresistible.  No wonder they get sent so much stuff to test and review,  the products really find themselves in your head when you're in the beauty isle. But anyway, back to the products and less of making excuses. 

My first new purchase was Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Mont Blanc. This was bought from the Harvery Nics Beauty Bazaar in town, I had planned to buy another Bourjois foundation because I have always loved my Healthy Mix BUT when I was confronted by the glossy, gorgeous Nars counter I just knew I had to go for it. This foundation is always top rated on my favourite website Into The Gloss and other beauty blogs and I admit it, I just love the packaging! My rational mind tells me that shouldn't matter but it does look darn classy on my shelf.  This foundation doesn't have a pump so you just pour it onto the hand, that doesn't bother me but I know it might annoy others so you can actually buy a pump from Nars for three quid extra if it does.

I immediately liked this foundation as it is very sheer but buildable so you can choose your level of coverage. My skin isn't great at the moment so I built it up and it doesn't look cakey when you do, it looks as natural and glowy as the first application, just with a bit more colour and less blemishes visible. The colour is a great match for my skin too, it is pale and doesn't give me a tide line on my neck but it doesn't wash me out either. For any paleys out there, you will know how hard it is to achieve the balance between colour matching and not looking like a corpse.  Even though it is buildable, I wouldn't recommend it to someone who likes full coverage. I loved it because you can still see my skin and freckles, it doesn't change my skin type, it just makes it look at it's optimum radiance. 

Next up was something I have never seem recommended but thought it looked interesting on the shelf. L'Oreal Lumimagique Pearl Powder Rose Boudoir is its name and what a pleasant little surprise it was. To look at in the packaging you might think it is quite bronzy but when applied with a big powder brush it gives the most subtle, gorgeous sheen to your face.  I really enjoyed it because it just gave healthy looking highlights to my face and also set my foundation just like a normal mattifying powder. Again this is buildable so if you want more of a glowy look for evening, just add a few extra layers. Even though it is called Rose Boudoir, it is not pink tinted, more pearly so it isn't a substitute for blush. Such a pretty product and definitely recommended by moi! 

Last but not least is the COLOR RICHE COLLECTION PRIVÉE Cheryl Lipstick called Barely Griege. The ad campaign for this range of lipsticks is so beautiful, well done L'oreal Creative team. The range is comprised of 6 nude tones meant to suit every skin tone. I went for Cheryl's colour because it looked like the most subtle nude. Julianne Moore is more my skin tone but hers looked really pinky which wasn't what I wanted to go for.  I love this lipstick as it feels so nourishing when you apply it and is very creamy and easy to apply. It is a gorgeous nude/rose colour which I think would probably best suit brunettes. The Doutzen shade I think would look gorgeous on blondes. This is the type of lipstick you can wear every day for work and then layer on and add some lip gloss to make it more showstopping for the night. Very impressed L'oreal, I might have to try a few of the other shades next pay day! 

Just a quick note, if anyone fancys trying out these L'oreal prodcuts, its buy one, get one half price on all L'oreal stuff in Superdrug at the moment. What are you waiting for!