Me, My Pits and I

by Sophie Brown

 When we think about what we put our armpits through on a daily basis , you have got to feel kind of sorry for the poor guys. After foaming them up to get rid of any odours and shaving off any hair that dares lurk beneath, we then go on to spritz a big cloud of deodorant or a big stroke of a roll on directly onto the newly bare and exposed  pit.  My armpits have always been very sensitive, they feel  raw and and red when I shave them and recently I suffered a very inflamed pit which was painful and rather scary. It made me stop and think about what I was actually putting onto my skin and allowing the glands within the pit to be exposed to and I decided to give them a break. 

Research has shown that not everyone actually needs deodorant as sweat is not inherently smelly. The odour comes from the different types of bacteria that break down the sweat on your skin so often if you give up wearing deodorant, if you are really lucky, you may find that you do not actually need it as your personal bacteria does not smell. I have given up deodorant for the moment to let my pit rest ( I have personified my pit, you would think it was a pet or something) and I am not using any fancy shower gel on my skin either, just a simple, non-fragranced soap. (I am not completely blaming deodorant for my inflamed pit, I think it was a combination of that and perfumed shower gel and shaving). I have asked my boyfriend to inform me if at any point I start to smell but so far, so good. I haven't noticed any smell or sweaty feeling under my arms so maybe I am one of those lucky people who have non stinky bacteria, woop! I think as long as you do your usual shower daily or twice a day if you are exercising or on the go and wear a real nice perfume, it is all good.

If going completely deodrantless scares you then a natural substitute could be what you need. I have used in the past and plan to start using again once my pits have calmed down, Naturally Fresh deodorant crystal.  It is recommended by a number of doctors, dermatologists and oncologists as it is 100% pure and natural,  no fragrance or parabens and now is with Aloe Vera which is soothing and moisturising. Here comes the science part. The crystal forms a thin layer over the skin which creates a salt environment where bacteria cannot live. This kills the odour rather than masking it like other deodorants. Sounds like a pretty good alternative doesn't it.  You do have to moisten the crystal and allow it to dry a little so its not as quick as a spray deodorant but it works just as well and you are not exposing your body to potentially  harmful chemicals via your armpit which is the most important thing! I really recommend it and finding it is a great start to my New Year resolution of trying to find the healthiest and most natural alternatives to beauty products I use.