The Prettiest Version of You..

by Sophie Brown

So here's another wedding post everyone, suprise, suprise!  As you can imagine, I am a little infatuated with all things bridal at the moment and I just want to share everything I find. 

I have now chosen my dress, bought my shoes and picked out my veil which just needs picking up. I am hesitant to have it in my house as I know it will end up being tried on and paraded round to the sound of Taylor Swift on a daily basis but hey ho. I might let it migrate over to my mum's house just so temptation is not so ever present. 

I have now started to think about hair and make up and just like the dress selection process, it is proving hard to select down from all the possible options. It does make it slightly easier knowing what style my dress is but having a very oval shaped, long face means that not everything I like will suit me.  One thing I do know, is that I do not want to look like an overly groomed, "cookie -cutter" bride. No thanks. 

A great link I found for advice for a bride who wants to look cool on her wedding day is on the American Vogue website.  The article is full of great tips on how not to have too much of a curated look for you and your bridesmaids and how to plan your bridal style. 

I am a massive fan of braids and very relaxed looking hair but also at the same time, I think sometimes a more formal and simple style can look so chic too.  It does totally depend on your own personal style and what suits you and also what the feel of your wedding as a whole is. 

With beauty, I know I will stick to an amped up version of my daily make up. Very natural and healthy looking glow, pink cheeks and bronzey eyes. I adore it when women go all vintage and have red lips and pin curls and fabulous winger eye-liner but this is not my style and I know I would definitely not be able to pull it off.  It is the day when you want to look like the prettiest version of yourself so it is important that you feel comfortable and not like your face may crack if it moves.  I have been advised to have numerous make up and hair trials which I really look forward to and without doubt, I will be taking my Ipad to show my bridal beauty Pinterest boards.