Nivea Trivia

by Sophie Brown

Whilst I gaze upon my battered blue pot of Nivea, eyeing up the spectacularly 80’s font I think to myself, what a wonderful ahead of its time product Nivea cream is and also how much it reminds me of Eldorado, the short lived 90’s BBC soap set in Spain. In these times of multi-purpose wonder products such as CC and BB creams, Nivea stands out as THE original multi functioning beauty product.

Below are a few of the ways I use mine.


 As a hand cream.

 I massage this into my hands at work, hoping that for the next 5 minutes while it dries, I will not be required to stick my hand in a printer. It is an instant gulp of moisture for dry hands and makes them all glossy and nice.  

Overnight face Mask/cream.

If my skin is feeling a bit weepy and sallow and like it needs some TLC,  I whallop great big scoops of this onto my face and let it sink in overnight. I recommend doing this the day before you change your sheet covers as your pillow will look like a dark silhouette of your face has been painted onto it, this will just be a film of grease. But it’s good grease.

For general dry areas

    When I roll up a sleeve during the day, I will often be scared at how dry my elbows are. One dollop on and they are sorted.

Bit of perfume

To me, Nivea smells like holidays and my youth. If I have forgotten my perfume and need something nose pleasing to put on, I just dab a few drops of this on wrists and behind ears. It makes me feel brand new.

 General body and face moisturisation

If the rumours are true, it works just as well as Crème de la Mer so I just use it as a normal face/body moisturiser often.  I will never own Crème de la Mer products so I will just have to take everyone else's word for it.