My Favourite Beauty Bloggers (apart from myself)

by Sophie Brown


Who would have thought that watching someone apply their war paint in front of a camcorder in their bathroom, chatting about the consistency of their new foundation would become so addictive? There has been a palpable increase in people creating their own beauty and style blogs and Youtube channels in recent times, without a doubt. Just type in the words beauty tutorial in your YouTube search box and up will pop literally thousands of stamp sized profile pictures of pouty, perfectly made-up ladies promoting their curling wand skills. Swirling round deep within this cacophony of beauty talk there are a few beauty blog gems. There is obviously a lot of rubbish out there too but after many obsessive nights spent in bed watching tutorials, I think I have found a few good’uns. 

Vivanna does Make up and Lily Pebbles are two lovely bloggers who I enjoy because they are not subscribed to the philosophy of more is more. No extreme brow tattooing or alien looking contouring, just really handy, subtle beauty tips and a great place to find cheap alternatives (or dupes as they call them) to expensive goodies. They are both really into skincare and making sure the canvas is beautifully prepped before make up is applied and through their wisdom filled posts, I have found some of my favourite skincare products to date.   Aesthetically, their site also comes up trumps as the layout is chic and simple and they photograph the products beautifully, warmly lit with flickering Diptyque candles.

Another blog and video channel I love to sit down with a digestive biscuit to watch is Lisa Eldridge. You probably will be aware of her if you are a beauty and style kind of person; she is always featured in high end magazines and makes up the faces of stars including Kate Winslet and Keira Knightley. Lisa is a professional, trained makeup artist and has years of experience which does give her an edge on most other bloggers and her videos are also so easy to follow. She posts up looks that she has recently done on clients for big magazine covers or premieres and also films really apt problem solving videos.  I am a big fan of her video for PMS face, which administers advice on how to sort out that weird, horrible thing your face does when it’s nearly time to baton down the  hatches. She is a delight to listen to and doesn’t play weird, jingly, jangly lift music in the background. Note to other bloggers, this is really annoying and makes you feel like you are watching QVC. 

If you are a real skincare freak like myself and love to use about twenty products just to clean your eye make-up off, you will love Caroline Hirons. She is to skincare, what Nigella Lawson is to dipping ones finger in a pudding and purring “hmmm yummy”. Caroline is a skin care specialist and consultant to numerous beauty brands around the globe as well as running her own skin consultancy practice, which has a waiting list till June. That’s how good this woman be. Her reviews are laced with her dry wit which I love as it gets down to the gritty business of whether this stuff is going getting results.  I get the feeling she doesn’t bother with bullshit as it is her reputation on the line.  She is also the woman responsible for toner becoming an intrinsic part of my night time skin routine. Read this page if you want to know more about the reasons behind this.

So these are my main go to places when I am looking for reviews or suggestions or just pretty pictures to look at. I hope to have the same success and number of subscribers as these peeps one day, I want to be just like them when I grow up please.