Sunny D Haircare

by Sophie Brown

Hair wise, I keep it simple. I don't use curlers or rollers, I usually stick to the same shampoo and never scrunch with mousse. I think the latter's a bit of an eighties thing but that's how out of touch with hair trends I am.  With a new year commencing, I thought I'd try a new haircare line as I had read that you have to switch up your shampoo and conditioner every now and again as your hair gets too used to the products. I then read that was complete rubbish but still decided to continue on my quest for new products to make my hair as shiny and glossy as Scherzinger's. 

I had a little scout on my favourite site,, and thought I'd look for something natural, organic and plant based. If I was going to try something new, why not make it all healthy and natural man! I came across a brand called Klorane, which always gets glowing reviews on beauty sites. The brands ethos is to develop innovative plant extracts and to use naturally derived ingredients to help hair look and feel at it's best. Sounds pretty darn good to me. It is also a French brand and I cannot resist a little bit of french on a product description. So exotic. I went for the Mango butter duo, which was advertised as being for dry hair. My hair is pretty thick and temperamental, mirroring my personality, (jokes) so gets quite dry and bale of straw like If I don't bother with it. The duo I went for is based on a specific species of Mango called Mangifera indica, apparently its kernel is rich in nourishing and restorative properties and it promises soft and supple hair.

So what were the results I hear you scream from your perched position on the sofa. Well, I will tell you. The shampoo smelt like Mango Sunny D, that drink everyone used to go mad for in the early noughties. This was pleasant and very fruitful, a nice summery whiff to have in the shower. I needed quite a lot to get a frothy foam started on my hair and considering the bottle is not massive, this might not please the bargain hunters out there. My hair felt well cleansed though. The Conditioner smelt similar and again, you needed quite a bit to cover the hair but it went on well. When blow drying, I did feel like I needed to go over my hair a few more times than usual to get a good shine. More than when I use my AUSSIE hair care but overall my hair felt strong and healthy after using it and once washed out, there was no strong fragrance left on my hair. Just a nice clean smell. I wasn't WOWed by these products but at the same time, they did perform well. Also if I'm being honest, I just love the packaging and presentation, they do look pretty in the bathroom. It may be one of those things, where once my hair gets used to it, it will perform better but I would be interested to try more of this brand. They are a fiver each, so not cheap but I would recommend them.  The Klorane dry shampoo is meant to be amazing too plus I do love the whole emphasis on natural, nourishing ingredients.