Spring Beauty Picks

by Sophie Brown

With the beginning of Spring teasing us with bursts of sparkling sun and powder blue skies, I began to compile my favourite beauty picks for Spring that I have been using and that I love. I have included self tanning products in this as I am determined to have non pasty limbs in the warmer months. I think I have found the perfect products for lazy tanners also ( I am the epitome of a lazy tanner) so read on lovely people...............



I call these these two my little pots of yumminess.  I love these as they are the perfect highlighters, you only need the smallest dab to create a pretty highlight on the face or wherever you choose to use it. I tend to use the lighter colour Polish, in the day as a brow bone highlighter and on my cheeks to give a subtle sheen. The texture of them is quite creamy and smooth so it just glides on over make up or your moisturiser really well. The darker, more golden Gleam is perfect for nights out or in the day if you have more of an olive complexion. For a party not long ago, I used it all over my lids to create a gorgeous golden sheen and then just used a bit of a mascara for a modern, minimalist look. Then I dabbed it onto my clavicle and upper chest/neck area to create gorgeous sheeny contouring . If you are someone who likes their highlighters really pigmented though these may not be for you as they are quite subtle. As you can see from the picture these highlighters come in a handy pot with a secure lid so there is never risk of spills in the handbag and are reasonably priced at 9 pounds each so definitely worth a go if you are in the market for a new highlighter. 



Sleek is a make up brand which I am so happy I found. To cut a long story short, it basically does all the great products I want from really expensive brands just as well for a lot less dinero.  When we had our first spectacular sunny day this month, I had a crazy urge to go and buy some bright lipsticks. I had just watched an orange lip tutorial that Lisa Eldridge had posted and the urge was just too much, I ran to Superdrug and picked up this palette and as you can see it is full of the joy of colour, it as described as being coral hued which is bang on trend for this season's beauty look and is a mix of gloss, matte and satin finishes.

I wore the top left red/orange gloss colour on my boyfriends birthday and absolutely loved it. Unusually the brush that comes with it is perfect for application,  I lined my lips first with a nude lip liner just to give a guideline and layered it up a few times. It didn't budge once throughout the night and was easily removed with micellar water. Perfecto! The colour itself is so rich and vibrant and very pigmented and would flatter any skin tone and I felt like a super glamour puss wearing it.  The top right pink colour is a lovely lip colour  but I have found it is great as a blush too, giving a perfect pinched cheek effect when dabbed on cheeks. The bottom left orangey nude colour is a beautiful pop of subtle matt colour, a bit of a 60's vibe which would go well with a cat eye or just really natural make up.  The bottom right orange colour is probably my least favourite one even though it is pretty as it is quite a watered down orange on the lips, not as pigmented as the rest. Overall, for 8.99, I would say you cannot fail with this palette. Four lipsticks in one and easy just to pop in your handbag for touch ups. 



This product is an oldie but a goodie. I had never used it before but I was looking for a face tan and ViviannadoesMakeup always recommends this so I gave it a go.  I had been using my body tan on my face and I had noticed my face pores had become quite enlarged so I thought it was time to get something specifically designed for the face.  To get straight to the point, this has become a staple for me already. You just squeeze a bit on a cotton wool pad and wipe it over the face and your done. It smells so fresh and makes your face feel soothed and it develops in a few hours. The beauty of it is it's consistency. It is so light you can put it on underneath your make up and let your tan develop while you are in work, just in time for a post work cocktail! It delivered a great bronzey glow on my face that looked natural and didn't cover up my freckles. It is not too dark for my porcelain skin but if you wanted it darker, it is just a case of layering it up and applying every day.  It also didn't make my skin break out which a lot of face tans do. The bottle should last ages as you really only need a small amount for each application so big thumbs up to Clarins for this glow-maker! 



At first glance this tan looks like something you might get free in Sugar magazine but do not be fooled by it's garish packaging, it is a wonder tan! I apply it with a mitt and once it is applied it doesn't feel sticky at all. It is a browny beige mousse so you can see where it's going and it applies well without streaks. Even though its says 1 hour mousse, if you want a decent colour you are best laving it 2-3 hours, even if you are pale. I just pop a pair of dark pjs on after I have rubbed it all in and watch tv and then wash it off after 2 hours before I go to bed. It does have a bit of a fake tan small but the ease of application and the fact you don't have to sleep in it just makes me gloriously satisfied. You can see the colour when you wash off but it develops a little better over night so I would say always do it the day before you want a tan.  The tan itself is a really natural looking one and lasts for a good week. It also fades really well, no horrible looking patches. I would say it is the best tan I have ever used and at 7.99, a real bargain!