Her name is Rio!

by Sophie Brown

If you are looking for a red lip colour for the summer then look no further than Rio Rio by Topshop. It is the perfect orangey-red that looks just right with minimal make up and suits all ranges of skin tones.  Once slathered on the lips, it feels like wearing the visual equivalent of a fog horn on my face as I am usually a lip nudist and it is a very beaming colour. But I love this, it's kinda exciting. Usually worn on Friday nights, it signals time to whip those heels on and cast off the Asda pumps that frequent my feet all week long.  It is very long lasting too, not budging at all after a good number of slushy raspberry tequilas consumed last weekend. 

I first came across it when reading an interview with Liv Tyler on Into the Gloss and she casually mentioned that her pal Alexa Chung  had recommended it to her. I had finally name checked the amazing red lippie Alexa wore!  It was a slow day so bare with me on these levels of excitement at this news.  I have squished myself in between Alexa and Liv below in an crazed attempt to convince myself that we are all celebrity friends. Like I said, bare with me.