A Little Skin Kindness

by Sophie Brown

My skin loves to shock. It loves to surprise me now and again with little red patches dotted around different areas of my body, usually on my torso but recently they have been showing up on my face which is just dandy! They usually show up when there is a change in weather interestingly but anyway when they do like to make a surprise entrance, I have found a lovely cream to calm them down and bring back moisture to the area, Cicaplast Baume 5 by La Roche-Posay.  In the past I have always used E45 for dry patches of skin which did work a treat but I feel my skin has built up a form of resistance to it as it doesn't solve dry areas as well as it used to on me.  

I decided to try Cicaplast, firstly because Lisa Eldridge recommended it in one of her videos saying it was a staple product in her make up kit for when any of her clients had problematic skin and secondly because I love La Roche-Posay products in general. They work well on sensitive skin and are reasonably priced and easy to get hold of.

 It soothes irritated skin, immediately calming the redness and repairs, making skin smooth due to the shea butter content. The main component of the cream, Vitamin B5,  is known to be soothing and when you apply the cream it does instantly feel better. If I apply it at night to a red patch, the redness and swelling is almost always gone by the morning. It is multi-purpose as you can use it on grazes or burns too and also chapped lips. I bought the smaller tube available as it is great to carry round in your bag in case of any skin incidents during the day. Overall, it is a great all round product to have even if you don't have sensitive skin and a definite must have for your beauty stash.