Mo Make up, Mo Problems.. (but not really, mo make up is always great)

by Sophie Brown

As it was the year I got engaged, I would have to say 2014 was a pretty good one. Make up wise, it was very restrained, controlled, get the picture.   I stuck to Boots and Superdrug and dupe versions of my favourite , over the top expensive brands. Luckily for me I came into the possession of some luxury beauty vouchers for Christmas and had a wild splurge on some fantasy products that I want to show you now. As well as some Superdrug purchases too, got to keep it real. 

For so long, I have wanted to take the plunge and invest in some Laura Mercier products. I feel they are the sophisticated girls's go-to make up line. There is a particular beauty editor that I follow on Instagram called Jessica Diner and she posted about the virtues of Laura Mercier radiance foundation primer after having a particularly boozy weekend which had left her skin a bit grey. So that went on my list and off I headed to Harvey Nics Beauty Bazaar armed with vouchers and a mission to glow. Whilst there, I got my primer and picked up the Secret Concealer too in shade 1.  So, review time. The radiance primer is really beautiful on application, it has a flattering pearlescent sheen feel to it which is not glittery so perfect for every day use. If you had great skin or a good tan then you could get away with using it by itself but my skin is pretty bad at the moment so i wear foundation on top.  I don't have much to compare it to as I don't usually buy primers but I reckon there are probably similar versions that are just as good and cheaper at Boots. For the price, I wouldn't say it was a must buy but I am happy with the results, it definitely gives your skin a good boost of radiance. The concealer is great. You just need to dip your finger in, warm it up a bit and apply, dotting round your eye. The shade 1 looks quite dark in the pot but when applied, it does blend really well with my very pale skin tone and doesn't crease. It feels lovely and smooth on the skin and is a pleasant change to the ghostly white concealer that is usually recommended to me. I think the key to masking dark circles is making the under eye skin blend with the rest of the face, not to have two half moons under your eyes. 

My Space NK Vouchers got me some Nars products that I ordered online. I went for a Matte Multiple in Laos and one of the new Dual Intenstiy Eyeshadows in shade Dione.  The Multiple is brilliant as it just takes a small swipe on your cheek and a a little rubbing in with a finger to create a lovely, natural flush look. Laos is a rosey pink that looks really fresh and chic on  pale skin. I think the colour pops most on fair skin but would give tanned skin a great pink glow too.  I love the easy peasiness of this product, you can pop it into your bag without worrying about a brush and it is really long lasting. Plus the packaging is a work of art, I just stare at my tube at times. The eyeshadow is gorge, a truly flattering pop of metallic shimmer on the eyes. It is a true neutral, it goes with any look you are trying to achieve. I teamed mine with nude lips and some Laos on the cheeks.

The last two gud'uns are much more kind on the purse, they are good drugstore buys.  The Bourjois CC cream has been sold out every time I have gone to buy it so I dived on it when it came into my eye line at Superdrug. Lisa Eldridge used it on one of her videos with Sophie Dahl and it is as dreamy as you would expect. The Ivory colour blends in wonderfully with my palid, pale skin without the washing out effect. It provides a good level of coverage and is totally without tidelines, my pet hate! Teamed with the Bourjois Health Mix Compact powder, I have found an idyllic face make up dream team. I swirl a bit of this powder on top of the CC cream to just seal the make up in and it feels so light and lovely. My next mission is to find the ideal wedding day make up so beauty blogs here I come!