Skin Newbies

by Sophie Brown

The world of skincare is a constant fascination for me, YouTube skincare videos being a source of all of the Boots shopping lists loitering in my bag.  The 5 products below are items that are new to my bathroom cupboard, that I have been really impressed with and that are mostly really reasonably priced.

The Ordinary is a new brand that I discovered recently, nothing is priced over £15 and it has had a real positive blitz of coverage. It has a guide on it's website to what combination of products works for each different skin type which is a lifesaver as sometimes what is on offer is confusing. I went for the Hylauronic Acid and Buffet which was recommended for dry.dehydrated skin types.  Together they came to around £19.  Buffet is a peptide serum aimed at targeting signs of ageing, I use it at night before moisturising and I definitely have seen a difference in the clarity of my skin. The fine lines that I get in my forehead are not as pronounced and my skin doesn't look as tired in the mornings. The Hylauronic Acid is brilliant also, my skin feels plumper and softer in the morning and my make up goes on without as much effort as there is more moisture in the skin for it to bind with. I usually use Vichy serum to get a good dose of Hylauronic acid but this works just as well and is a third of the price. Mega impressed!

For my lips, which usually crack and have a hissy fit in the winter, I have started using La-Roche Posay Cicaplast balm. I have used the face and body version of this before and was so impressed with it's richness and ability to heal skin so I bought this and love it. As it is a balm rather than a cream or a salve, it has that extra thick healing property which makes all the difference.  It has kept my lips happy all Winter and also really plumped them up (I could be imagining this). So easy to apply and cheaper than all the number one lip balms that are talked about on blogs that cost a crazy amount.

With the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, I refused to buy into the hype for so long and then I got vouchers and I thought screw it. If Liv Tyler loves it then so will I! Initially when I first spritzed, I thought I was going to bring up my breakfast as it is such a distinct and potent minty smell. But, once you use it a good few times and the liquid has had time to settle and mix,  it actually becomes very familiar and comforting and is a really lovely, awakening spray for the face. It is lovely for when your skin is feeling tender or tight from cleansing or just as a freshener in the midst of a busy day. I wouldn't say it is a miracle worker but definitely something that is nice to reach for when your skin is calling out for a little attention.

Finally, I  bought Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. After turning 30, I just thought it was the right time to start looking after my precious binoculars. It also appears in pretty much every Top Shelf on Into The Gloss so away I went and purchased.  I have only been using it for around a month so I can't really talk about long term benefits but I will say that it feels very nourishing on my under eyes and that my concealer doesn't crack as much in the day now due to them being more moisturised so overall a positive experience.