Office Snacks

by Sophie Brown

My new office snacks for 2014 are peanuts, raisins, lemons and apples. All from the bosom of nature and healthy for your body and soul! Anyone who works in an office knows that sometimes to get you through the day, a Bounty bar or three may have to be consumed to give you a little boost or just a sweet distraction from composing mundane emails. I have swapped this for the below as a part of my new health regime (saying health regime three times a blog isn't going to get old is it, I'll think of a new phrase soon) and I am loving the results. I don't feel sluggish half way through the day  and the fibre in all of the below is really helping everything flow in my digestive system. This in turn definitely effects my mood, I've felt a lot calmer since following my healthy diet and I will do another post about this soon because I think it is so interesting how what we feed our body effects us psychologically.  I hope I have inspired you to try a new healthy daytime snack, you will never look back!