What's on my Bedside Table?

by Sophie Brown

I thought, to continue from my Whats in my Handbag post, I would write a little piece on whats on my bedside table as for most ladies, this is where we keep our nice, relaxing night time treats. 

For starters, I have Cameron Diaz's new book The Body Book which was purchased as a form of inspiration for my healthy eating. Being confronted by Cameron Diaz's sinewy body as you wake up in the morning does give you that much needed further kick in the butt to go downstairs and drink that lemony water! It is great night time reading for me at the moment too as it is giving me an education on looking after my body and ideas for nutritious meals and body workouts.

I purchased a new candle on the weekend for my bedside table so I can have a relaxing whiff of something lovely before I go to bed. I went for a Mulberry & Cassis one from M&S as it smells so beautiful and I think it just looks pretty by the bedside. 

A classic bedside table staple is hand cream as bed time is the perfect time to get some moisture back into your hardworking hands. I have two, the Nivea Q10 plus one is for when my hands are feeling extra coarse and dry, its so rich and thick and if you pile a load on before bed you wake up with princess soft hands. The Body Shop Almond hand cream  is a bit lighter but smells really tasty so it just depends on my mood on which one I use. 

I always get a stuffy nose when I go to bed and when I wake up so I love having a refreshing sniff of Olbas inhaler. It just makes me feel clearheaded and a bit more awake if I use it in the mornings. 

Finally, I have my Burts Bees lipbalm which is a lovely and hydrating treat for my lips before bed to make my lips soft and smoochable!