Whats in my handbag?

by Sophie Brown

My new favourite site is whatsinmyhandbag.com because I am nosy and always want to know what is in everyone's handbag..and wardrobe..and bathroom cabinet. You get the gist!  So here are the contents of my bag which on most days is full to burst with receipts and bus tickets but after a New Year's clear out is surprisingly organised and uncluttered. 

I have my new Cath Kidston notebook which was a Christmas present, perfect for noting down lists of things to do and anything that inspires me throughout the day. Plus some really cute Cath Kidston mini notes which will be handy if I'm feeling particularly lovely and want to leave someone a nice little note some day. 

I always carry round some sort of hand sanitizer too as I am a hygiene freak, this Coconut Body Shop one is perfect as it smells yummy, not the usual strong alcohol smell of other gel sanitizers. 

The Nivea cream is a great multi-purpose product and perfect size for a handbag. I use it on my hands if they are feeling dry at work or just on any patches of skin that are feeling a bit dry or irritated when I'm out and about. I got it from Home & Bargain for about 2 pounds. They always have really great deals on well known brands so keep your eye out whenever you visit.  

I bought the Smiths Strawberry Lip Balm in New York and always carry it with me as it instantly soothes cracked lips and smells amazing, just like strawberry Calpol. It gives your lips a nice little sheen too. 

Headphones are essential to plug into my Iphone, I just got Justin Timberlakes new album so this has been on repeat on my way to work every morning, disco dancing on the 81 bus every day! 

I have a few favourite perfumes on rotation at the moment but i will often just pop Clarins Eau des Jardins in my bag as it is a lovely fresh and invigorating scent, perfect for a little pick me up! 

I don't really carry make up round with me as I never get round to packing it in my bag but I often have my Chanel blush compact as it has a little mirror and a pretty pink blush in it which is a quick fix for faded make up. 

If anyone fancy's showing what is in their handbag please get in touch!