Nature Spectacular

by Sophie Brown

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as the saying goes but for me the beauty of nature can never be disputed. It is the purest, most elevating and important part of our universe. It breathes life into our lungs, provides solace from our man made structures of misery and is a place where communities can flourish.  To walk through a field of ravishing poppies or to pick an apple from a tree in a public garden or play football with your child in the park are all experiences we wouldn't have if there were no open spaces left in our cities.  Yet this is unfortunately something which is a distinct possibility.

Too often these spaces are sold to private developers, wanting to construct obtrusive and ugly homes or buildings, with no regard for local communities. Enough is enough. The most spectacular meadows in Liverpool are being sold to Redrow, an example of what is happening all over this country and around the world.  These meadows are the most magnificent example of nature, upon entering them on an autumn day it truly feels magical, the light is spectacular. It is a retreat from the daily scrutinies of life, a beautiful haven that is vital for the overall ecological health of the ecosystem of our city. It shows complete ignorance from certain politicians who decide that these spaces are not so important. They are VITAL.  

It is so important that communities join together and fight the systematic destruction of our open spaces. Do we want our future generation's lives to be without that priceless feeling of running free in a park and enjoying the simplest pleasure of life, just being in nature. 

If you want to help the cause in Sefton Park, is the place to go and offer support. There are always local community groups fighting to save green spaces and they need our help so please lets all join together in this fight!