The colour of the week is....Hermes Orange

by Sophie Brown

Name me a few brash colours and bright orange is likely to be up there on the list. It is not a colour I usually employ in day to day life but there is just something about the shade that is Hermes Orange that makes me feel giddy and decadent. It makes me want to throw a rivers worth of paint of this shade onto my walls and dip all of my accessories into a big cauldron of  Hermes orange varnish. I see it as a neutral colour as it tunes in with pretty much any other shade. Paired with something indigo or cobalt, it conjures a Mediterranean holiday vibe. Teamed with black it results in a sophisticate style straight from the banks of the River Seine.  It reeks of sophistication and style and I want it.

My crush on this colour was reignited when I saw the most recent Vogue Paris cover, with Sophie Marceau standing nonchalantly in a pair of black panties in front of an Hermes orange coloured background. She really suited that background, not to sound too clichéd but it really made the cover pop and was a cool contrast to the safe covers Vogue UK have been turning out recently. 

For me, accents of this colour make the most impact. They look real classy as accessories, case in point being the actual Hermes bags in Hermes orange. Accents in the home look really beautiful. Lamps, phones, boxes or frames are great small snippets of a fun, illuminating colour and never look too try hard.

On the catwalks for SS14, you could see juicy splashes of Hermes orange at Tibi, Mulberry, John Galliano and Givenchy to name a few. The beauty stratosphere has also been in love with a bright, bold orange lip recently, making a nice change from the red and plum shade lips that were ever present over winter.  

For me, it is a colour that encapsulates a fun but sophisticated mood and adds a dollop of deliciousness to any occasion. I am not quite at a level yet to purchase a Hermes bag but I will certainly be trying a bright orange lip.