Make a Tray Day

by Sophie Brown

Over the years, inevitably we collect many things; heirlooms, treasures, gifts, mementos from good times. I collected a few of these types of things together recently and wanted to put them together in a cool way and make a part of my living room. I love really eclectic interiors that tell a story and remind me of different parts of my life so it felt good to put everything together. I bought a copper tray from H&M (amazing, rather cheap interior stuff, recommended!) and arranged them and I'm so happy with it. 

The gold, Moroccan tea pots are a family heirloom and add a little bit of an eastern vibe alongside my candles which were gifts from friends. The bowl at the back is made out of a coconut shell and was bought on a hen do trip and the small camel at the front is also a family heirloom which I really need to learn the history of as I am sure there is an exotic tale to be told from this.  Together they create such a great focal point in the room and a connection to family and friends which is so important to me to have in my living space.