by Sophie Brown

Meet the lovely and talented Beckie. Excelling in the roles of beautiful songbird, business woman, teacher and mentor, she is one hard working lady.

Having been in love with musical theatre and performing from an early age, Beckie studied Performing Arts at the prestigious Itali Conti Academy in London.   After graduation she moved back to Liverpool where she has been working as a singing teacher for a number of years aswell as being a member of MASC, a Liverpool theatre company (who are seriously amazing!).  Beckie has now opened her own performing arts school in Liverpool and is loving every minute. I spoke to her about her musical inspirations, her new business and her beauty routine.


Ill start off with your daily beauty routine, so when you wake up in the morning set for a busy day what are your first go to products?

Most mornings I will use the Liz Earle cleanse & polish cleanser with the muslin cloth, it feels really fresh and wakes you up and its really good for taking mascara off if you haven’t done it the night before if its been a bit of a heavy night.  I always use Johnsons baby lotion as a moisturiser after this even though its really hard to get hold of now, I have to go to really random pharmacys to get it. I just love it on my skin, it feels so nice and gentle which is great as I have suffered with blemishes in the past and I am conscious of not using anything too perfumed or greasy. Its great as it drys really quickly too and it’s a great primer for my make-up.

Talk us through your daily make up routine and products you use…

I always use and love Mac foundation as it works so well with my skin. I am quite conscious of my skin and when I apply this, even if I have a few red marks or blemishes it just feels and looks so much better. I use the Studio Fix one as it works best with my complexion.  I always use Benefit Real Lashes too ( editors note: I went out and bought this straight away as Becki’s lashes are fab!) coating the bottom and top rows of lashes. I love the little tips at the end of the comb as they curl your corner lashes out really well. I just got a MAC mascara as a present recently too and have loved using this. I use the mineral powders from Mac over my foundation just to give it a little sheen. Lipsticks are a big part of my routine too, Im obsessed with them. I love bright lips just as a colour pop. Of a night I will usually always wear a bright coloured lipstick rather than lay it on heavy on my eyes. As I have big eyes anyway I feel like I prefer to emphasis my lips.

Best quick beauty tip for a busy working girl?

My best quick beauty tip is to just top up my lipstick on the go as it brightens up my face and makes me feel a little more polished and ready to go.

So you have just started your own business, Van Netten Performing Arts.  What inspired you to set up your own performing arts school?

I think because I had worked with quite a few different performing arts businesses throughout the years, I had learnt a lot about the nature of this business and a lot of what to do and what not to do aswell. It was a great learning experience to see what works  but I found myself so many times over the past few years thinking If I was doing this myself I would do it this way or that way and then I just thought why aren't I doing it myself.  I felt that now after all this experience my confidence was a lot stronger and I felt I could run a successful business. Primarily my training is in performing arts and singing but I have had admin jobs which at the time I didn't enjoy but are now  helping me out with the organisational side of the business. I have also got a great  support network too. Chris (Beckie’s fiancé ) is amazing with business and is helping me with my website and the technical side of everything.

Any advice to any other women who want to set up their own business and be self-employed ?

I would say definitely that you can’t be too afraid of hard work! Obviously you can pay yourself which is a great thing but there is a great amount of work behind it all.  Its not just the teaching time for me anymore. Everything falls back on you and now I’m employing teachers, I’m insuring them and paying them and there is a lot more responsibility that comes with it but it is all worth it because it is so rewarding and you have control over the direction your company goes in. For me I couldn't wait to do shows with the kids because before I couldn't choose what set lists or songs we did and now I can go in any direction I want to go in.  It’s a great sense of achievement  and definitely worth all the hard work.

What are your aspirations for the company? Do you see it growing into a brand?

Yeah possibly, I think I would definitely eventually love to have my own studios and to train up other teachers. I would also love to include dance and drama lessons aswell so the kids are having a wider learning in the performing arts and so they can hopefully apply for stage schools like I went to. If you can give them as good training as possible then then they can choose whether they just want to perform as a hobby or go onto develop their skills into a career.

Finally, Who are your icons and inspirations  in your industry?

One of mine at college was an American musical theatre singer called Natalie Weiss. She is a vocal tutor and a performer and she’s phenomenal. She’s done loads of Broadway and touring but she still goes into high schools and does lectures on the biology of the voice and how to train your voice. She has amazing videos on YouTube called Breaking Down The Riffs and does tutorials. She is an inspiration as she is a performer and a teacher like myself and has such a varied career.


Thanks to Beckie for being such a fun and inspiring interviewee. She is a great example of an ambitious and talented lady making her way in the world! 

Visit to check out Beckie's amazing new business venture.