by Sophie Brown


Meet my lovely friend Jayne.  She is one of my oldest friends and as you can see from the pictures above, a total beauty. After meeting Jayne on a night out a male friend of mine once declared her his muse, totally intoxicated by her film star looks. She always looks polished and classic, eschewing the scouse tendency to over fake tan, she is a classic English rose. 

She is also a new mum to beautiful baby Isla, taking to this new role like a duck to water, she is evidently glowing with the happiness her new baby girl has brought into her life.  I talked to her about her new mum beauty recommendations and how her beauty regime has changed since becoming a mum.


 First of all, lets start off with your daily skin routine, what are the products you use on a daily basis? 

I've started to use Garnier Pure Active Exfo Brusher Wash in recent months every morning and at night after I take my make up off.  Since i've stopped feeding Isla my skin becomes a lot oilier a lot quicker, even more so than before I had her, so this product is great as it basically gets into all your pores with the bristles on the end, making my face feel like it's had a really good clean. If I'm in a rush I don't always have time for day cream but this is definitely the one product I always try and use.  If I have time, usually at the weekends, I'll use a toner and a day cream.  I use The Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic,  I just get a cotton wool pad and give my face a quick wipe over with the product. It's brilliant as it closes my pores after using the Garnier brush and gives me a good base for my make up. I love that it is all natural ingredients too, something I've become more aware of since having a baby.  Then I throw on some  Lacura day cream from Aldi, its amazing as its so light and non-greasy. I would definitely feel comfortable just wearing this on my skin without any make up. This is my best bargain buy too as it is only a couple of pounds, amazing compared to how much other day creams can cost. 


Any beauty tip for new mums? 

Vaseline!  I use it every evening on my eyes and It really softens the skin on the surrounding areas. I got told it was really good for crows feet and since having long nights with Isla I've been using it and it works really well. There is  a women who works with my mum who used to be a model in the 50's and she covers her face in Vaseline every night. She has amazing skin but obviously its not for everyone as with oily skin it might cause a break out. But Vaseline is a great tip for new mums who feel like their eyes are dry from no sleep and its so cheap also which is great.  Also for whenever I have break outs on my face, which can happen a lot as a new mum as your hormones are still a little crazy, I use  St Ives Blemish Fighting Scrub.  


Can you describe your night time beauty routine? 

I use the fragrance free Asdas Little Angels wipes to remove make up as they are so gentle on your skin. It takes my eye make up off really well and then I use the Garnier Brush just to make sure my face is squeaky clean.  Then I put my Vaseline on around my eyes and I'm done. 


What are your favourite pampering products for when you have a little precious time to yourself?  

Every few weeks I will use the  Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask as a treat. I also never have the time to properly moisturize my body after showers every day so another treat Ill use now and again is  Soap and Glory Righteous Body Butter. I don't use it every day as it takes a while to sink in as its quite heavy but when I do use it my skin feels amazing and it smells gorgeous. I've had to find a shower wash that is moisturising as I haven't got the time every day to properly moisturise and the best one I've found is  Liz Earle Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash as the vitamin E is great for my skin. I really recommend Liz Earle products to new mums because the ingredients are mostly organic and not harsh to sensitive skin. Most new mums will see a change in their skin after giving birth and that mostly results in dryness so you have to be careful with what products you use.  I also use  Hand Food by Soap & Glory  whenever Isla is having her tea or having a nap as your hands get so dry when you are constantly changing nappies and keeping your hands clean with water or alcohol sanitizers. 


Talk us through your favorite make up buys.. 

Well I'm a big fan of Rimmel. I've just started using  Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour foundation in Ivory and its brilliant because I just don't have time to touch up my make up in the day. It lasts so well even when I've been rushing to work or the nursery and this is when other foundations I have tried would have melted or slid off.  It doesn't make my skin too oily or to dry and it blends perfectly with my skin tone. It is a great shade for paler skin.  Rimmel Hide the Blemish  concealer is the best concealer I have ever tried, I have been using it since school and couldn't be without it. If I could only have one product for the rest of my life that would be it.  Also  Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof eyeliner is excellent as it doesn't move. I like to wear eye liner everyday which can result in smudging but this one doesn't move at all. Waterproof products are essential as you will find being a mum you can't hold an umbrella and push a buggy at the same time so in the rain you can often end up having panda eyes. Not a good look! 

When I want a bit of a glow on my cheeks, I use  Dallas blusher by Benefit, it comes in a cute box with a brush and is handy just to take out for top ups.  If I am going out in the evening,  I will just add some eye-shadow to my look. I use a  Sephora palette with nude tones, they are really subtle and flattering to my eye colour and last all night which I love. 

Who are your beauty icons?  

Hmmm its a tough one, I need to think about that. (Jayne has a little think and we have a little gossip about our favourite celebs). I'd say it was probably Anne Hathaway, I love her natural beauty and the fact that she never looks overdone. She has a classic English rose look which I can identify with and she always looks very sophisticated. I also always love Kate Beckinsale's beauty style, she always looks fabulous. 


How has your attitude to beauty changed since having Isla? 

I think since having Isla and not having time for extras such as tanning, I have become more accepting of how I naturally look and more comfortable using less products on a daily basis. I am also more aware of ingredients in products, tending to opt for organic options,  and also the importance of SPF. I always make sure me and Isla are wearing a sunscreen in the sun and are covered up as healthy skin is so important. 


Thank you to Jayne for being such a wonderful first interviewee and to Isla for keeping us entertained with her pink lip gloss!