Zara Jeans-Jeanius!

by Sophie Brown

I need to have a rave about Zara jeans. I have been a loyal Topshop jeans/skinny trousers buyer for so many years but had begun to get a bit sick of paying out 40 quid and then finding holes in the inside seams and in the crotch after about 6 months to a year of wearing them. I also wasn't a fan of the styles they had brought in last time I went in store, they had all become a bit gimmicky for me as I prefer a classic cut jean in black, blue or grey.  I thought I'd give Zara a go as their jeans are really reasonably priced and found that the fit and quality were great. I bought a pair of normal blue rinse jeans and a pair of dark grey jeans with rips in the knee and am loving them. They feel so good on and are such a flattering fit and for the price are a complete bargain y'all!  I think when you go to Zara you can get distracted by all the fabulous dresses and trousers suits and peacock clothes but if you go and rifle through the jeans and trousers and basic shirts you can put together a real capsule wardrobe for a great price.