Oh Jackie O!

by Sophie Brown

Rows of delicate pearls, pillbox hats, Chanel suits in hot, hot pink and mammoth bug eye sunglasses are all the iconic staples of Jacqueline Kennedy's wardrobe, representative of the fashion forward yet simultaneously classic style of this fascinating lady.  

I have from a young age, been spellbound by the former first lady's style, after first discovering her in my grandma's Hello magazines ( I didn't get out much as a 9 year old glossy magazine obsessive.) She always looked so serene and effortless. I loved the super feminine dresses that she wore on state visits in colours so vivid, they warmed you right through just looking at them on a page.  Her staple casual wear was often capri pants, a simple tee and loafers with the ever present tremendous shades and often a headscarf or a simple shift dress. She brought an essence of intrinsic glamour to anything she wore and her style has undoubtedly trickled through the subconscious of women through the years, influencing styles we wear and buy today. 

 Duchess satin gowns and vintage Chanel suits may not be that practical for my every day life, especially not on my daily commute through an industrial park,  but I like to think I am influenced by her with certain facets of my wardrobe, always striving to achieve the illustrious mix of being classy, modern and feminine!