The Courtin-Clarins Cousins

by Sophie Brown

If you have never heard of these girls, google them immediately because you are about to enter a whole new world of Parisian fabulosity! These ladies are all descendants of the Clarins dynasty and have been brand ambassadors and shareholders in the company for years. Each one of them has their own twist on luxurious, high end dressing, bringing a blinding flashbulb of glamour to any event they attend. Seeing all four of them lined up with their own distinctive styles is a really delicious sight for any style obsessive.

Each of them being creatively inclined has their own artistic projects on the go including a line of swimwear called Luz collections, masterminded by Virginie whilst Claire is an artist, recently displaying a collection of work called "Faces of Change" in aid of a U.N. program, in New York. 

They all also contribute to a brilliant blog at which is great for healthy skin and body tips and Clarins promotions obviously but being a big fan of Clarin's products, I find it really useful. To see some of my favourite Courtin-Clarins looks, take a peek at my Pinterest page. 


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