Can't Wait to Wear

by Sophie Brown

I'm betting that like me, you have pieces in your wardrobe that still have tags firmly attached, no creases yet imprinted into the material, hanging up in your wardrobe all virginal and proper. They make all the other over the hill, worn to pieces clothes feel like crap. Those bastards. These pieces are usually things you absolutely LOVE and ran like the wind to purchase but haven't had the chance or the occasion to wear yet. Items of clothing that you poke and stare at in the mornings and wish you could wear for work but instead you must reach for your steady cable knit jumper and skinny jeans.  I feel I need to add that as I am writing this, my boyfriend is playing Eric Clapton, Old Love on the piano downstairs so excuse me if this article becomes a bit sappy or full of romantic imagery. I don't become emotionally connected to clothes, the song is just bringing a certain vibe to the house. 

My two recent Cant Wait to Wear pieces are both from Zara, no surprise there to anyone who reads my bank statements and I am hoping that is only my bank manager, not someone who likes to rifle through my trash. The first one is a is testament to my love for tailoring, I am a sucker for anything that is akin to menswear in respect to style and fit.  There is nothing sexier to me than a woman in a perfectly tailored suit. Proof in that pudding is Stella McCartney and YSL. Pinterest them. But anyway, back to the blazer. It is a perfect shade of midnight blue and is in a tuxedo style with gorgeous long lapels and pocket details on the front. It could be from Saville Row it is so wonderfully constructed.  Perfect fit and a perfect bargain at 30 pounds, reduced from 80. I have not worn it yet as I haven't been anywhere fancy or attended any meetings where I need to go all "Power Suit"  but I certainly cannot wait to whip the tags off and get it on. I think I am going to pair it with a skinny pair of black jeans , some  towering black heels and a cocktail with a sordid name. 

My second Cant Wait to Wear is a rather sexual dress from Zara that was only 25 quid.  I just realised I said sexual, apologies. It's the song! As you can see from the picture, it is a standard little black dress but I love how it is cut. The arms are cut a bit further in so you can see the contours of your upper arms and a bit of the clavicle.  It also has a cute fold in the front which adds to it's loveliness. It doesn't look massively exciting on the hanger but it is very flattering on especially with some heels pushing the booty up and I think with the right bold and gold accessories, it should look great on a night out. I just need to plan a night out now. Any offers for said night out, e-mail in. Apologies again if this post got a bit heated but if you know the song, you will get why. I would love to hear about your Cant Wait to Wear pieces and see them too, e-maiil me. I'm now off to learn the electric guitar so I can accompany the piano downstairs. I think all articles will now be written accompanied by the sound of Eric Clapton.