Style Crush Series

by Sophie Brown

I admittedly have many a style crush. Different women, who dress their body's in different ways, referencing different eras and expressing themselves in a distinct manner.  With such panache and natural flair for style, they can't help but stand out from an overcrowded crowd of wannabes.  I am going to do a series of blogs on these women as my obsession for them knows no bounds, so one at a time seems the sensible option to go for. 

I am going to start off with Charlotte Rampling, an actress so divine and chic, you would swear she was French. But she's English, so 1-0 to us there. Alongside a burnished constellation of freckles on her face and glacial blue eyes, her laid back and sexy style became synonymous with the 60's. For her, it was often all about masculine tailoring and the juxtaposition between this and her obviously feminine presence.  With her chambray shirts and cute 60's shifts, she represents an attitude to dressing that I love, an unpolished and eclectic attitude where personality is conveyed through choice of clothing. When you look at pictures of her, it is the ease at which she wears clothes that comes across so strongly. She is using them as a tool to express her strength and attitude and sensuality. She didn't have a celebrity stylist vacuum packing her into the latest must have designer togs, the way of dressing was more organic and I absolutely love this.  As you can see from the pictures below, she always looked beautiful and remains as chic and casually elegant to this day, still pulling off a trouser suit with plenty of moxy.