Have you found THE dress?

by Sophie Brown

Since being engaged I have been asked the same three questions almost on a daily basis. 1. Can I see the ring? 2. Have you set a date and 3. Have you found THE dress yet? 

I have been able to proclaim a big yes to all three apart from number 1 on the weekend my ring was being resized and therefore I could not show it off, making one of those finger wiggles engaged women do when showcasing the new finger bling. This was also when the dark murmur of my inner bridezilla began to be heard for the first time after having a mini meltdown when I picked the ring up from the jewellers and it didn't fit how I had expected. Not my finest moment, ask my mum.

So, lets focus on question three as I do indeed have my dress and I got it the week after I got engaged. It was the first thing I decided on and was most surprising as I am massively indecisive and cannot decide which socks to wear most days ( I have a true aversion to matching pairs). I began my search for a wedding dress approximately 52 hours after I got engaged and the first place I went was the dreamy ethereal land of Temperley online. All of their wedding dresses are at least three grand so this was some major wishful thinking going on. After placing myself firmly back in the real world, I looked on the sale section of the normal summer collection dresses and there was THE dress in the sale and at a ridiculously good price. All gorgeous and Temperley like. So I bought it. This brings me to my first tip for looking for a wedding dress, not that I am an expert but I do spend hours doing it every day.  Look at the dresses in your favourite designers ready to wear collections and on websites like The Outnet, not necessarily in the wedding section and look out for sales.  There are so many beautiful dresses that could be worn and adapted to your wedding day that aren't labelled as bridal. This often saves a major amount of money and you are more likely to look original on your big day. Also it is a bit of a thrill to land a dress for a bargain that maybe not a lot of other people have worn as a wedding dress. 

After purchasing THE dress of their dreams I  think if most brides are honest there is still a part of them that fawns after other dresses. With so much choice, its is impossible not to have a little bit of interest in other styles or wonder what if I had that dress or that headpiece or I wore something a bit racier or covered up my arms.  It could drive you doolally looking at all the gorgeousness surrounding weddings! A particular site that has had me in it's grips is Grace Loves Lace . This website will make you want to move to the Golden Coast and get married in a camper van to a surfer dude whilst wearing one of their amazing dresses. Luckily for me, the dresses are far too expensive so I don't have to worry about wanting one but If I could I would go for Inca.  It is the perfect bridal destination for a girl with a big budget and a hippy, dippy style and a great example of the temptation that can await once you have picked your dress. 

 It is a hard decision to make to decide what kind of bride you want to be as this will be a day where all eyes are on you and when your personal style is really defined. I feel my dress definitely reflects me and is something I will feel pretty and comfortable in which is important. I change my mind every day about how I want to accessorize my dress and how I will wear my hair and which 60's icon I want to resemble but I suppose this is the fun of it all and it is important to remember that the process should be fun, as it can get a bit much at times. The pressure is certainly on to look like a princess! I feel though that as long as you are comfortable in what you wear and feel good then you are sorted. I love to dance and run round and be free to flail my limbs with wild abandon so it was important for me to have a dress that wasn't restrictive. Remember, it is a long day and you will need to go to the toilet quite a bit so make sure you can get out of the dress yourself unless you want drunken relatives helping you in the loos. 

It is an obvious one I know but Pinterest is really great for these decisions as there is so much beautiful inspiration on there.  I have included a few of my favourite wedding dresses and styles below that I have found and pinned just as an example of my bridal style.  Enjoy!