Zara Hauling..

by Sophie Brown

As a Zara addict who resides in Liverpool, the past 5 months have been hard. The Zara store located in Liverpool One was cruelly taken from us over the summer months whilst it was being given a facelift, leaving a mammoth sized hole in the sartorial lives of many. But alas, it has reopened with a new spring in its step, ready to mock us with their small sizes and please our purse strings with reasonably priced pieces of high street chic. 

The first week it reopened, I bounced along to have a look at what they had done to the place. It has certainly been taken up a notch with a more polished, James Bond feel.  I cant put my finger on exactly what it is that has shifted the sands but it is a more enjoyable shopping experience now. Maybe it is the addition of a designated area for shoe trying on which also doubles up as a boyfriend/husband resting area. Only the other day, I accidentally stumbled backwards onto a forlorn looking man whilst trying on a towering sparkly heel.  He didn't enjoy it but it definitely gave me a giggle. 

This brings me onto my Zara haul. As predictable as it is to say, I literally wanted to buy everything. There are so many beautiful pieces in, a lot of great tailoring and fun boho pieces as well as chic work wear and low cost casual wear. The accessories are crazy cool and the shoes are just on a different playing field to others in UK stores. I bought a few carefully selected pieces as I was working with a budget.

My first buy is an example of the great tailoring Zara do for such good prices. I love the ruched , asymmetric detail at the bottom of the top and the tailored shoulders which make it a great smart work/going out piece. I will pair it with black skinny pants and heels for work, paring it down with jeans and boots at weekends. It feels so good on, like something Emmanuelle Alt would wear and that is an instant winner for me. 

Next up was something I had been ooooing and cooing over on Pinterest jewellery pages for so long. I found it hidden underneath a forest of cashmere scarfs, craziness I think as it is gorgeous and would sell much better if given a better spot in the shop.  I absolutely love earring cuffs, they are so elegant and simultaneously so cool. They add an edge to a formal going out look and look stunning when your hair is pulled back to see the full effect. I loved the one I bought below as it looks vintage, all tarnished gold and bejewelled and I plan to wear it a lot! At 12.99 it is also a piece of jewellery that looks more expensive than it is and not something that would be too devastating to loose due to the price point. 

The final piece of the Zara haul jigsaw is a pair of shoes but not just any pair of shoes. The shoes I have been searching for. If you are an Alexa Chung fan or just a shoe fan you may have seen the Bionda Castana lace up shoes that Alexa has been walking around town for a while. I loved them instantly, they are such a welcome and reviving change from the clumpy, obtrusive platform heels and boots that have been so popular recently. They are delicate and flattering and reminiscent of 90's Alaia footwear, my favourite.  They are in Khaki too which is cool as Khaki is a great neutral I think, flattering to most outfits and a bit warmer and playful than black.  Again, for 30 pounds, it isn't going to be too much of an issue if some clown decides to spill his JD and coke on you in a club. Great affordable and on trend footwear is Zara's forte and I salute them for it!