Paris..the land of perennial beauty

by Sophie Brown

Last year, before I started this site, I visited Paris with my boyfriend (now fiance, wahey!) and fell deeply in love with it all. Quite obviously, the city dwellers were the epitome of chic and I would sit outside of cafes agog at the ease in which these peacocks of Paris showcased their beautiful style.  What impressed me most though was the way the city itself was dressed. How the architecture and the street art and the shop dwellings and everything surrounding us was composed in such an elegant and interesting manner.  It is a city where I could happily walk around for days, investigating every single street corner and crevice that came my way, not knowing what kind of beauty I was to find next. Whilst there, I took hundreds of photos, of all the details that caught my eye whether it be a renowned  statue or the vine leaves on the side of an apartment block (see pictures below). There is a respect and recognition for traditional architecture which is never compromised by the inevitable modernisation of aspects of life, that intrinsic feel for classic style is ever present in this city of lights. 

I like to imagine myself in a sweet pied-à-terre with bunches of ivy escaping down the balcony, eating fresh bread and cheese from the patisserie downstairs whilst watching the sun set behind the tall cage with lights, Le Eiffel Tower. Heaven.