SATC I still Love You!

by Sophie Brown

On Sunday, I sat down after a particularly stressful, roundabout filled driving lesson, needing comfort and an escape from the reality of my terrible clutch control. My first thought was to go straight to E! for a Kardashian marathon but then I saw on Comedy Central, the show that has brought more giggles, tears and thirst for extravagant every day dressing than any other, Sex and the City.  Even though I can quote pretty much every word from any episode without help, I still get excited when I see this show on TV. Sometimes I wish I hadn't seen them all just so I could again feel that tingly trail of magic dust it left in it's wake when I first got into it. I turned onto the episode where Carrie had been flinging with a married Big and Charlotte was getting married to Trey and then Carrie needed to tell Aidan about the flinging. All very emotional. Still gets me every time, I needed to blot my tears with a cushion. 

Carrie's Stella Mc McCartney for Chloé lamb skull tee in this episode reminded me of how much I love the fashion on this show. I remember being hysterically happy that I found a similar one with a lobster on the back in a sale when I was about 14. There was a reason it was in the sale but I loved it and I felt closer to my idol wearing a genuine Chloé top.  If I had to choose, I am personally more of a fan of old school Carrie with her vintage furs and silk slips and her Gucci totes but really I just adore every Carrie moment.  I have put together my top SATC fashion looks below, admittedly most of them are Carrie but a few of the others pop up too. Hope you like!