Pay Day Goodies

by Sophie Brown

Well thank the lord it was pay day on Monday because I was about to take out a loan to buy a banana, the situation was that dire in my current account. Once that dosh hits my account every month I do feel quite invincible, like it is perfectly acceptable to buy overpriced (probably fake) coconut water because I finally have money again. Anyway, after a month's clothes drought due to lots of outgoings, I had to go to town and purchase some much needed injections of vigour for my wardrobe. 

First stop was one of my favourite vintage shops in the city centre, Resurrection.  I actually often prefer to shop in the men's section here as they have great vintage coats and retro sportswear. There I found a really cool Adidas three stripe tracksuit top which was in a small so it fit nice and snug. I saw Camille Rowe sporting one zipped down sans anything underneath recently on her Instagram and being the super fan that I am, I thought I want me one of those. Not being a Victoria's secret model though, I think I will just wear mine with a vest underneath.  Then after a small walk up to the ladies department, I came across a vintage jumper which really caught my eye. I love the San Francisco skyline splattered across the front and the lovely muted night sky colours of the jumper. This again is very snug, casual jumper, perfect for just just throwing on with jeans. The girl at the till made my trip to Resurrection even more enjoyable, advising me not to buy the ring at the desk that I was trying on as it was overpriced and then giving me student discount because she felt bad that she thought I was a student and I wasn't.  Top customer service! 


Next stop was Waterstones as I felt my mind needed just as much nourishment as my wardrobe. I was initially there to buy On the Road by Jack Kerouac as I had heard good things but I got sidetracked by all the other books. Stumbling into the self help area, I saw these books from the School of Life. Being fed up with the life of an admin girl, I couldn't resist the promise of having a fulfilling job and changing the world. Keeps your eyes peeled for these hopeful developments! I picked up Frank by Jon Ronson too as me and my boyfriend are fan's of his writing and also because the trailer for the film version of the book looked hilarious. Last and maybe least (I have a weird feeling about this one) was a book called Stoner as it was buy one get one free and something appealed to me about this. It is a book that is meant to haunt you with sadness once completed, excellent! In all seriousness though, I thought it was about time to break my ongoing romance with all things light hearted and give something serious and thought provoking a go. I'll see how long I can last with this one. 


H&M is always on my visit list as everything is reasonably priced and really on trend. I do like Topshop but I feel it is the same quality as H&M but always at least double the price. Here I got an off white silky top, a perfect go with everything item. At only 15 quid it wont be too much of a tragedy if I get pasta sauce on it plus it is so light and airy and lovely. I hope the optimism of buying such a summery top will encourage the sun to get his hat on. I will pair it with a pair of ripped skinny jeans and sandals or heels depending on the occasion. 


Last but not least was a buy from Oasis. I never usually look in there as it seems to be mostly full of orange floral tunics but I had vouchers and so went and had a mosey. I am not a massive fan of the general asthetics of the brand and the clothes but you can find a gem or two in there.  The sunglasses were the biggest like for me, a great array of different styles and all around the 15 pounds mark. I got these big tortoishell ones as I am such a fan of the classic cats eye shape for sunglasses, its flattering for long oval heads like mine, giving the illusion of width! Plus tortoishell is so classic, it never goes out of style. To get the total up to 20 pounds I also threw in these pineapple socks for good measure, you can never have enough novelty socks.