Emma Stone...new girl in town

by Sophie Brown

Following the major assault on the planet and its inhabitants by the Argonaut that was the Spiderman press tour, I can say the only thing I gained out of it apart from the knowledge that Andrew Garfield was once a prize gymnast, is the joy I garnered from flicking through Emma Stone's outfits online every day.  Her stylist Petra Flannery has a lot to do with Miss Stone's wardrobe of magical concoctions and I say congratulations to her for dressing Emma with such spirited and beautiful panache. It is a ladylike style with a modern twist,  always flattering and chic. Never exposing too much skin but still young and playful.  Being a paley lady like Emma, it is quite an endorsement and brings a rare feeling of camaraderie with a Hollywood star to see her not be tanned up and sculpted with the latest tanning miracle spray. Her porcelain skin adds to the delicateness of the designer togs she inhabits and enables her to stand out in a crowd of blurred starlets, all ascribing to the same philosophy of tan, tan tan! Her make up is always exquisite too, using subtle shades of flattering colour and at times, bright pops of juicy colours to highlight her milky complexion.  I have included my favourite looks down below.