Toughen it Up

by Sophie Brown

I am not really one for following trends religiously or for copying verbatim what people wear but when it comes to Alexa Chung, I do feel serene tingles of pleasure when I find something similar to what she was worn and that I like and want to wear too. In this case, the thing that I have been inspired to purchase by Alexa is a silver chain link necklace, mine was from H&M for 6.99. Yes H&M is a blessed place for people on a budget. I have always been drawn to the simplicity and sturdiness of these style necklaces, toughening up and adding an edge to an outfit. I  like how in the picture below Alexa has teamed it with a very feminine floral shirt, I do love a bit of sartorial juxtaposition in an everyday get up! I teamed mine with a grey marl t shirt today, keeping it simple. I plan to wear it with a nice classic black dress and heels soon too. It is like an instant splash of attitude to any outfit and Alexa approved, what more could you want.