Julianne the Goddess

by Sophie Brown

 The year 1960 was the year JFK beat Nixon in a closely fought presidential race. It was also the year Julianne Moore was born. This makes her 54 years old if you ain't got time to do the math. This fact pleases me immensely, making me look forward to my later years, as Julianne Moore is living proof that women only get better with age.

A woman of so many varied accomplishments, the acting roles she takes on are always nuanced and sensitive to subject matter, diving deep in to the psyches of the women she portrays, beyond the superficial.  She has won oodles of awards for her acting prowess, rarely missing from any list of nominees at annual ceremonies. My favourite Julianne role is Maude in the Big Lebowski, a completely nuts English lady with a penchant for the word vagina and painting in the nude.  An absolute must see film. Alongside this she has written a number of children's books, aiming to give confidence and a sense of self acceptance to children finding it hard to fit in or overcome issues. What a woman!

Sartorially, Julianne on the red carpet and even in the street walking with her children, is always a ravishing little treat to look forward to. Her style has evolved over the years, always embracing that devastating combination of powder white skin and blazing strawberry tresses. In recent years she has also developed a close friendship with Tom Ford after starring in his directorial debut 'A Single Man' which has resulted in a few jaw dropping moments in front of the paparazzi flashbulbs. Contrary to usual advice given to redheads, she does and can pull off the brightest, most decadent colours like no other and at the same time shine in a LBD. I am admittedly obsessed with her look, a real tinkle of excitement washes over me when I spot her online in her latest get up. She stands out in a  crowd of Hollywood stars with no sign of fake tan or bleach or boob jobs anywhere.  A true natural beauty with class.