The 70's in the Naughtie Tens...

by Sophie Brown

During my primary school years, I would sometimes scive off school (routine really wasn't popular with me at the time) and get comfy on my nan's sofa with a digestive biscuit and a chintzy cup of milk.  I would always watch the midday showing of Charlies Angel's and be mesmerized by the sunlit beauty of the three angels and their amazing on screen outfits, made up of skin tight flares, wind blown blouses and Persil-white sun dresses that would highlight their burnished, bronzed skin.  I knew from an early age that the 70's was my style era, man!  

Alongside this fascination, I had real life inspiration from my mum and aunties. The 70's was their era, they were young and hip and travelled to exotic places and wore the most insanely cool outfits. They were hipsters the first time around and I couldn't be more envious that they had that first hand experience of an era that saw so much change and progression as well as such fantastic, expressive fashions.

Look in any magazine or style website at the moment and you will see the influence of 70's style in abundance, bringing the free love and groovy fonts back to the front of the sartorial merry go round.  The front of Paris Vogue this month is an homage to the Parisian 70's girl with the model's short shorts and ultra disco eye make up.  Alexa Chung has brought out a denim line for AG, inspired by the 70's folk movement and on runways and ad campaigns everywhere, there are splashes of 70's influence. Whether that be the more folksy, hippie version of the 70's or the ultra glamorous Halston, Studio 54 version.

 One of my faves, Chloé, is always inspired by the fluidity of the hippie version with the muted, fresh colours and long flowing dresses, perfect for a romantic getaway to Marrakech with your hippy activist boyfriend.  Gucci are the best for the ultra glamorous disco vixen with their up to the knickers dress slits and dyed furs with suede knee high boots. Perfect on the pull material, ladies!  Obviously this is a bit of a a dream land, Topshop and the rest do their own versions at a rate that wont lead to mortgage renewal.  That is the draw of 70's fashion though, it is a dream land. At a time when people, especially women and young people, were in the midst of self discovery and taking ownership of their freedom, the fashions reflected this intoxicating and provocative time. What fun they must have had! And that is why this style is so appealing to me. At the polar opposite end of the normcore fascination, this style is all about standing out and being your most feminine self and accessorising to the high heavens. These are the types of clothes to have fun in and to make fabulous new memories, doesn't that sound so appealing?