Jeanne Damas..French Girl Inc

by Sophie Brown

If you ask me, French girls do it best. Do what best you ask? Well, everything really but especially style. They have a way with clothes that is dreamy and chic and simple and classic. Nothing looks brand new, it has all been bought at flea markets in Paris or handed down by equally as chic friends or has been a staple in their wardrobe for years. A medallion necklace here, a wicker basket there, it's all too good not to obsess and stare. A lady I came across on Pinterest is a quintessentially French female, Jeanna Damas. I pinned a number of pictures of her and found out her name. Her style is just lovely, a fine mixture of tomboy and ladylike. Simple classics mixed with delicate vintage pieces, all finely displayed with a backdrop of Paris. Devin, no?