Hen Do Dressing (No penis costumes included)

by Sophie Brown

With my Palma-licious Hen Do coming up very soon, my strict wedding money saving regime has been temporarily put on hold for some sartorial splashing out. Noted we're just talking H&M and New Look here, so I still can afford to pay the florist. A Hen Do is THE time to get dressed up and wear the most lavish pieces in your wardrobe, like peacocks and their regal spread of turquoise feathers, we ladies do love to make that extra effort to celebrate the impending nuptials of a friend. In a big group we feel invincible walking down a street linking arms, like a Beyonce style wind machine is blowing our hair at all times providing sexy hairography. That mob mentality makes us more daring with our clothing choices and more likely to wear the things we usually wouldn't when at home on a night out.  

If you choose to go abroad, there is usually the option for swim wear which adds a whole new element to wardrobe planning. From pictures I see on Instagram, the regulation bikini and flip flops just wont do! It's all about the layered jewellery and beautiful kaftans with cat eye sunglasses and high waisted bikinis. Really, it is all about just having fun with how you look and celebrating the fun of being female with your hen so if that four tiered ethnic statement necklace with feathers looks a bit over the top with your bikini, who cares?! It's all about making memories of a fun, relaxed and ultra estrogen fuelled time away.

I have bought a few items this weekend to wear on my hen do, all bargains I must add. My best bargain is the two pairs of sunnies I purchased from B&M Bargains. I had only gone in to buy loo rolls but stumbled upon a rack of sun binoculars all for two quid so I went for broke and bought two pairs. Inevitable day time drunkenness may lead to sunglasses loss so I'm bringing back up pairs just in case.


 H&M gives good swimwear every summer and for pleasing prices too. I purchased a very flattering black bikini which has an interesting waffle texture and a bold patterned swimming cossie to wear around the pool or beach or for wherever my bridesmaids have planned for us to visit (I am hoping its not a climbing wall). I also got taken in by a great pair of suede wedges which I will team with a dress or a playsuit in the evening. There is something about a wedge that screams I'm on holiday so I rolled with it. 

So with these new purchases I plan to add lots of bangles and layered necklaces teamed with plenty of glasses of the fizzy stuff and I cant wait to see what all my other hens whip out their wardrobe to party the weekend away in Palma de Mallorca! 

All this talk of hen do wear has got me googling crazy so I  have included some of my favourite hen do style inspiration pictures below.... enjoy!