Top 3 Dream Shoes

by Sophie Brown

So it is bank holiday today and I have that familiar 'I don't know what to do with myself' feeling pervading my very being. I have watched back to back episodes of my new favourite show "Barely Famous", got dressed to go out, then decided not to go out and now I am doing something supremely productive. Looking at shoes on the Internet that I can't afford and making a list of the top three pairs that I would really love to have please. I promise to do something good for humanity straight after. 

  I think it may be something that runs in the blood of my family, but I am always attracted to very expensive things and that is most evident with my choice of ideal shoes. Saying that, I have never spent more than 40 pounds on a pair of shoes but in my head I have racked up bills of thousands of pounds with my exorbitant appetite for a snazzy lace up shoe. So below, I have put together a wee list of my current favorite shoes on the market than no one apart from Vickie B or Kim K could even begin to consider purchasing. Lucky bitches. 




Balenciaga All Time Satin Sandals. 

These little beauties caught my eye as they are so princessy, excuse the poor descriptive skills there but you know what I mean. I love the contrast of the construction and sculptural shape with the fluffy, feminine beading. Would look beautiful with a simple shift dress, a modern take on sixties Jackie O style. 

Gucci Lilliane suede sandals


Continuing with the retro, princess feel, I have chosen a pair of Gucci sandals with the classic signature horsebit hardware. First of all, Alexa Chung owns a pair so it is only right to include them but also they are just so dainty and ladylike and hark back to an era that I love, the 70's. The Gucci hardbit reminds me of when I first started to read the Vogue magazines stacked up in my nan's kitchen and how I became obsessed with the Gucci logo. I once owned a fake Gucci fannypack too but dont hold that against me. Overall, just a very lovely pair of shoes perfect for my imaginary trip to St Tropez this summer. 

Christian Louboutin Neo Pensee Pumps

No they are not an urban shoe myth Carrie, they are real! These classic Mary-Jane style patent pumps are the dream and an absolute classic. Worth the investment and all the other things people say to justify spending £500 on a pair of shoes. If I owned a pair of these shoes, I think I would have to move to Paris just to give them the life they deserved.  

P.S. if you are looking for shoes that are similar to your favourite designer pairs but not for a similiar price i.e. well cheaper, visit One of my favourite bloggers posted a link to it and lets just say I recognised quite a few of the styles!