Shirts, Glorious Shirts..

by Sophie Brown

Whilst delving into my mess of a wardrobe today, deciding what to box up until next summer (sob, sob) I came across a couple of my staple, cherished shirts and remembered how I love them so. Shirts are possibly my favourite item of clothing, coming a close second to only jumpsuits (I just love a good all in one outfit that make toilet trips tricky). 

They are the epitome of effortless style, tucked in to a good pair of skinny pants or a pencil skirt with the sleeves rolled up. Perfect for both formal and informal, transformed by a good piece of statement jewellery or dressed down with a pair of Gazelles. Not mentioning also how extremely sexy they are, boy do they look amazing buttoned down with a nice medallion necklace.  Ohh I could just go on and on. 

In terms of my professional life, I also feel about 50% more capable in work when I wear one. They make my posture improve and increase blood flow to my brain (probably not true but I definitely am more productive).  I also very much enjoy how they can be adapted to a situation. If you are meeting your new boyfriend's parents and have a dodgy love bite then button up way to the top. If you are on a first date and feeling a bit adventurous after a swig of Aldi Prosecco, then unbutton down. It can be a dangerous game to play so for safe keeping, I'd say never unbutton past the top of your bosom. Trashy shirt wearing is no good.