Rosie Huntington the 1st

by Sophie Brown

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, to put it mildly, is very pretty. But not only is she pretty, she also wears very pretty clothes which I love to look at and try and copy and don't succeed in copying but still like very much to gaze at.  If you looked at my Google history it would involve a lot of different variations of the same theme e.g RHW airport style, RHW casual, RHW going for a hotdog with boyfriend. You catch my drift.

My favourite part of her style is that it is her own. She does not follow faddish trends or have her ass sticking out of strategically placed rips in her jeans. She dresses in a modern way with a nod to classic style. I love how she amps up the glamour at events, wearing truly beautiful gowns that hark back to the days of the old Hollywood starlets and then translates this glamour into day to day life.  She is so feminine and put together, her make up and hair always glossy and perfect. How does she do it! Well, she has a team of professionals to help so lets not all feel too bad about it. 

Her casual, off-duty style is just always very cool, usually a pair of Isabel Marant boots teamed with jeans and a covetable jacket. This chick lives in LA so she gets to wear her fancy clothes every day while we all put our third pair of socks on to make sure frostbite doesn't kick in.  No matter what she wears, she brings elegance and polish to an outfit, never boring or predictable and that is why I google her so much.

Below are some of my recent favourite looks of hers, particularly loving the red lip teamed with the pink silk Galvan dress and also the black choker she is teaming with casual clobber these days. Just got myself one from Zara, the the quest of emulation continues.