Cher...In the 70's though!

by Sophie Brown

When I say style, you say Cher!? Anyone? Ok, Cher is not the obvious style icon for anyone under the age of 30 or for someone whose Saturday night does not involve dressing in drag and performing in thigh high PVC boots but we must look back to her early days to see that this girl had some seriously amazing, beautiful looks.  

Cher in the 70's was basically the real life version of Pocahontas, with Cherokee and Armenian ancestry she had thick, long jet black hair and strong features teamed with a sinewy toned bod and the best tan a girl could wish for. She went from dressing in folk style to pure disco with sequins hanging off every part of her body to then keeping it simple with jeans and a cheesecloth top.  Bob Mackie was her go to guy for all the outrageous feathered skimpy costumes she would wear to awards shows, glamour at its absolute best. She pulled off any look she went for as she was bold and beautiful and one of a kind.